Dry out eye is a common eye disease. Studies have found that in different age groups, the incidence associated with “dry eye” ranges from 5 percent to 34 percent, with dry eye being more prevalent in the elderly.

In addition , the reduction of outdoor activities during the epidemic and the prolonged use of electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers possess greatly reduced the number of blinks and will also aggravate the symptoms of dry vision disease.

More dry attention cases are being seen in young people . Dr. James Liau, Shu-Tien Urology Ophthalmology Clinic vice superintendent, recommends four artificial tears and six methods to prevent dry eyesight disease.

Dry Eye Inflammation and Photophobia Are Symptoms of Dried out Eye Disease

Dry eyes are not the only symptoms of dry eye diseases. Dr. Liau said that will eye redness, photophobia, blurred vision, foreign body sensation, and even pain in severe cases are usually all symptoms of dry eyes disease.

“The eye is an optical structure. To maintain a smooth surface of the eyeball, a tear film is needed. ” Dr. Liau said that the tear film will be composed associated with oil, water, and mucus layers through the outside to the inside. When these three components are not evenly distributed, it will induce dry eye disease.

To enhance the treatment of dry eye illness, Dr. Liau recommends 4 types of artificial holes with different functions.

1 . Powerful moisturizing hyaluronic acid

*Available in the market and is an over-the-counter product.
Hyaluronic acid has excellent moisturizing properties plus biocompatibility. It is used widely in the particular medical beauty industry plus is often used in skin care products and fillers. However, hyaluronic acid was first used in cataract surgery.

“In order to prolong the residence time of the potion on the ocular surface, a good artificial rip containing hyaluronic acid is designed. Artificial cry with hyaluronic acid provide better treatment function, but the cost will be relatively high, ” Doctor. Liau said.

2 . Oil and drinking water blend for powerful moisturizing

*Available inside the market/over-the-counter
Dr . Liau said that the study found that will 80 % of dried out eye patients not only lack water but also absence the oil or nasal mucus layer, but in the past, due to technical limitations, artificial tears could not achieve oil-water fusion.

“The cationic nano-emulsification technology can emulsify oil and water. In addition to water, it also adds essential oil and fat ingredients to prolong the time of eye moisturization. ”

3. Immunosuppressants agents

*Medicine prescription
Inflammation is an important manifestation associated with dry vision disease. How to break the particular vicious circle of constant eye inflammation? The third type of synthetic tears, Ciclosporin, is definitely an immunosuppressant and an anti-inflammatory drug. It really is prescribed by doctors. Doctor Liau pointed out that using it with regard to six months can increase the secretion of tears in individuals.

Dr. Liau said that if the corneal wound appears to have obvious red blood plus foreign body sensation within the eye, Ciclosporin can repair the corneal wound and is suitable regarding patients along with severe dry eye condition, while general artificial tears are ineffective for them.

four. Wound-healing Gel

*Medicine prescription
The particular treatment moments of artificial holes on the ocular surface area varies from short in order to long, including water, gel, and ointment. The ointment is more viscous, so it is mostly used at night. Therefore, intended for patients with severe dried out eyes, artificial tears along with gel texture are a lot more suitable for daily usage.

Dr. Liau stated, “The addition of vitamin B5 and dexpanthenol towards the gel can relieve dry eye signs and symptoms in sufferers and accelerate wound healing. ”

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Four types of artificial holes are recommended by ophthalmologists. (The Epoch Times/Shutterstock)

Four High-risk Groups for Dry Eye

Who is more likely to suffer from dry attention syndrome?

  1. Menopausal women: Between the particular ages of 50 plus 55.
  2. Pregnant women before and after giving birth: doctors recommend that pregnant women should try not to wear contact lenses.
  3. Staying in a good air-conditioned room for a long time.
  4. People who do not blink: people who use 3C products (consumer electronic devices) like computers and cellular phones for a long period of period.

Six Health Care Methods to Prevent Dry Eye Disease

For dry eyes disease, prevention is better than cure. Dr. Liau provides 6 health care methods:

  1. Change the habit of how you use your eyes: take a break every half an hour when looking at 3C products.
  2. Clean the eyelids: The edge associated with the eyelid is where the oil is secreted, and if the root from the eyelashes is not cleaned properly, the edge of the eyelid may become inflamed. Dr . Liau suggested everyone use a cleanser specially designed to clean the particular eyes, baby shampoo, or a cleanser containing tea tree oil to remove eyelid worm infection.
  3. Warm compress: Promotes the release of oil in the eyes and prevents the particular quick evaporation of moisture in the eyes.
  4. Eat more vegetables and fruits: especially dark green vegetables, plus tomatoes, carrots, plus so on, which contain lutein and supplement A, which can help prevent dry eyesight syndrome.
  5. Blink hard: Doctor Liau emphasized that blinking is the very important health treatment method.
  6. Get enough sleep.

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Six methods to help with dry eye. (The Epoch Times/Shutterstock)

The Combined Treatment of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Is More Effective

In inclusion to Traditional western medicine ophthalmology treatment, Chinese medicine treatment has a clear effect on dry eyes disease. The effect of combined treatment of traditional Chinese language and Western medicine is usually better than that of making use of artificial cry only.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dry out eye disease is mainly related to the functioning from the liver and kidney. Therefore , more attention should be paid in order to nourishing the particular liver plus kidneys to improve the outward symptoms of dried out eyes.

Studies in recent years have also confirmed that will traditional Traditional chinese medicine acupuncture may effectively relieve dry eye symptoms, promote tear secretion, and boost tear film stability. Many acupuncture points can be effective within relieving dry eye symptoms, including Bamboo Gathering BL2, Four Whites ST2, Silk Bamboo Hole TE23, Sun Ex-HN5, and Wind Pool GB20 acupoints on the head, and Union Valley LI4, Leg Three Miles ST36, and Bright Light GB37. These acupoints on the limbs are commonly used for the therapy of the symptoms of dry eye disease. In add-on, traditional Chinese medicine treatment can also significantly improve the symptom of dry eye disease.

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Acupoints Wind Pool to relieve dry eyes. (The Epoch Times/Shutterstock)
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Acupoints around the eyes to alleviate dry eye (The Epoch Times/Shutterstock)
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