Skin hyperpigmentation can be a result of acne scars, excessive exposure to UV light, and ageing.  

Geneva-based Horphag Research, the company behind skin health ingredient French maritime pine bark extract, trademarked as pycnogenol, noticed that more skincare brands are launching oral health supplements that could counter skin hyperpigmentation. This is often, on top of their products for topical application.

“The topical anti-hyperpigmentation category is by far the largest market, but oral supplements, beauty-from-within category will be growing. We noticed this indirectly by noticing some trends in the recent years in our sales with companies producing dental supplements with regard to skin, ” ​said Sébastien Bornet, VP, global product sales and marketing at Horphag Research.

“What we see from our customers is that they are looking for a double approach. Most of them now have both topical and mouth skin care products.

“For example, they could possess a lotion, a cream for topical ointment application and at the same time, they also sell capsules with p ycnogenol inside. They make sure that they approach pores and skin care from a holistic standpoint. ”

He added that will in the past, beauty-from-within products were not as popular because consumers thought that this was akin to “eating cosmetics”. ​However, today, a lot more consumers understand the connection between beauty, health, and nutrition.

“What we have noticed and what is important is that the particular definition of beautiful skin is usually first plus foremost, related to healthy epidermis. So, beauty is wellness. ”