CorneaCare offers clean, convenient and effective eyelid hygiene products that help you prioritize your eyecare.

“As a sufferer of dry eyes from years of contact lens use, I have made it my mission to bring this topic to the forefront and provide easy plus convenient solutions, ” said Dr . Boparai. “A simple eye quiz is a great place to start to determine if you possess dry eyes. ”

CorneaCare makes eyecare a part of self-care by launching the first-of-its-skin online quiz for consumers to evaluate their eye health and incorporate needed treatment quickly. Founded by ophthalmologist and ophthalmic surgeon Doctor Jovi Boparai, the wellness brand is the one-stop solution for dried out eye treatments and education.

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition caused by unstable tears and inflammation that lead to symptoms such as redness, burning, irritation, gritty sensation and blurry vision. It afflicts 30 million Americans and 300 million people worldwide .

By answering several simple questions, the CorneaCare quiz provides participants with a complimentary personalized eye treatment plan & environment assessment in order to help along with dry eye. ⁠ This is a subject of growing concern and affects each person differently.

“Is no one taking your dry eyes seriously? ⁠ As the sufferer associated with dry eye from years of contact lens use, I have made it my mission to bring this particular topic to the forefront and provide easy and convenient solutions, ” said Dr. Boparai. “A simple vision quiz is a great place to start in order to determine if you have dry eyes, followed by deciding the right course of action. After taking the quiz, explore our website and social channels for educational content and the particular latest options to help address many eyecare issues. It’s time to prioritize attention health in our daily wellbeing routines like brushing our teeth plus moisturizing our skin. ”

Whether you have got dry eye and want a treatment plan or are curious about eyesight health, the quiz offers recommendations to meet specific needs and a customized assessment to begin making the necessary changes and improvements at home immediately. The quiz is HIPAA compliant and encrypted with regard to online safety and privacy. It complements the brand’s free app to give customers access to eyecare at their own fingertips.

Doctor. Boparai explains that dry eyes are often linked to lifestyle , environment plus overall wellness, which is accounted for in the quiz For instance, spending time on the computer or environmental modifications can cause eyes flare-ups. The knowledge and the right remedies make the particular eyes feel better, improving physical and mental well-being .

CorneaCare provides clinically-studied, doctor-created eye hygiene items that include eyelid wipes, compresses, plus eye vitamins and drops. For more information, visit .

About CorneaCare :

CorneaCare is driven to make eyecare part of self-care, starting with dried out eye disease and overall eye health and health and fitness. The brand is rewriting the narrative on dry eye illness and building personalized treatments for the eyes, mind and body. They make eyecare easy. Follow them on TikTok and Instagram.

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