BROWN COUNTY — A Minnesota-based, non-profit, elder advocacy group recently created a free online tool that allows people to research health and safety records of all licensed senior care providers in Minnesota.

ElderCare IQ provides access to Minnesota Department of Health state inspection reports for nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and home health agencies.

The tool helps people find providers with a clean record from state inspectors and those with a history of abuse and neglect of residents.

Elder Voice Advocates (EVA) reports all its funding comes from grants, donations and sponsorships from older care products and service businesses and organizations.

The organization listed its priorities as:

• Engaging with the general public, providers, regulators, legislators, and other advocacy groups to address concerns and seek solutions regarding the quality of treatment from senior living, house care plus long-term care providers.

• Supporting residents and individuals dealing with the trauma of experiencing harm in order to their loved one and to caregivers coping with the stresses of giving quality treatment to elders and vulnerable adults.

• Educating residents, families, the common public, policy makers plus stakeholders on areas associated with concern and issues surrounding the quality of care from senior living, home care plus long-term treatment providers.

• Exposing as necessary, issues concerning the high quality of care from older living, home care and long-term treatment providers.

• Advocating with regard to legislative plus regulatory solutions to govern care received through senior living, home care and long-term care companies that protect the occupants from misuse, neglect and unsafe treatment.

The MDH receives complaints of mistreatment, neglect plus exploitation from elders, their families, health care providers and others. Complaints are investigated and findings are reported as substantiated, not substantiated and inconclusive.

A substantiated finding means a preponderance of the evidence shows that an act that met the definition of maltreatment occurred.

An unsubstantiated complaint finding means a preponderance of the particular evidence shows that a good act that will meets the meaning of maltreatment did not occur.

A good inconclusive finding means there is not really a preponderance of evidence to show that maltreatment did or do not occur.

According to the ElderCareIQ:

• Oak Hills Living Center, New Ulm has four substantiated investigations, eight unsubstantiated investigations and no inconclusive research.

According to the MDH, the facility was found to be in compliance because corrective action was taken prior to on-site investigation regarding complaints concluded Nov. 3, 2022; Dec. 16, 2021; Oct. 12, 2020. Complaints included failed to follow POC (plan of care) fall with fracture; neglect associated with care, bed pan left for extended period of time resulting in bruise, plan of care not followed intended for diet order and neglect.

• Walnut Hills Assisted Living had no inspections.

• PSC of Brand new Ulm LLC assisted living had one unsubstantiated investigation.

• Woodstone Senior Residing assisted residing, New Ulm, had no investigations.

• Orchard Hill Senior Living, assisted living, New Ulm has two substantiated brought on.

• Ridgeway on 23rd, assisted dwelling, New Ulm has 1 substantiated plus one not yet proven investigation.

• Ridgeway on German, assisted living, New Ulm has one substantiated investigation.

• Sleepy Eye Care Center has 11 substantiated and 14 unsubstantiated investigations. Based on the MDH, the facility was found to stay compliance because corrective action was taken prior in order to on-site analysis or achieved substantial conformity based on a re-visit.

Issues included medical error, verbal abuse staff to resident, neglect associated with medication, toileting, quality of care plus plan associated with care not really followed to get diet.

A medication pharmacy survey found the most serious deficiencies were isolated and constituted zero actual harm with potential for more than minimal damage that has been not immediate jeopardy.

• Countryside Retirement Community, aided living, Sleepy Eye offers one substantiated investigation.

• Divine Providence Community Home, Sleepy Vision has 2 substantiated deliberate or not, 16 unsubstantiated investigations. The complaint mentioned resident left on mattress pan. Corrective action has been taken prior to the survey.

• St . John Lutheran House, Springfield provides 11 substantiated investigations, twelve unsubstantiated investigations. Complaints included medication misappropriation, staff to resident spoken abuse by staff, accidents with injury, injury of unknown origin and healthcare neglect.

Most complaints did not require a plan associated with action because they were corrected former to revisits. The MDH reported the particular facility accomplished substantial compliance after revisit, so no remedies had been imposed.

• The Maples at St John, helped living, Springfield had a single substantiated investigation.

ElderCare IQ resources include Elder Voice Family Promoters, the Minnesota Home Care Bill of Rights, how to file a complaint, knowing your rights, working along with your extensive care supplier, how to choose the care facility and where to get help.

For more information, visit https://eldercareiq.org/

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