The Swiss company was at this year’s in-cosmetics Asia trade show in Bangkok, Thailand, to showcase three ingredients that all relate to the concept of mitigating how stress affects or skin or even hair.

“That’s what drives almost all our developments at this time. Managing stress is really exactly what drives our R& D, ” ​ said Alexandre Lapeyre, global head of marketing and business development actives and natural origins.

This approach to elegance has taken root over the past few years as we collectively coped with the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is something we are seeing more of. Stress is something that has always been there plus now we openly talk about it and try to address it – that’s something which didn’t happen before. That’s also helping us come up with products that focus on tension, ” ​ stated Vipul Bhatt, head associated with sales and application, home care plus personal care, industrial and consumer specialty, APAC.

One of Clariant’s ingredient highlights will be Prunizen, an active ingredient made from a plant with adaptogenic properties plus used within Asian medicine.

This component tackles psychoemotional stress-induced hair loss and stimulates hair growth and this works by inhibiting cortisol production while increasing oxytocin levels.

“Most of the time, when you look at the market, you will see anti-hair loss products which usually focus upon hormonal disbalance, especially on men, but here, all of us are targeting a different cause of tresses loss. It’s the first product on the particular market which has this positioning, ” ​said Lapeyre.

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