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Breaking gender stereotypes for eye beauty industry – Times of India

For a very long time, beauty of eyes has been associated with women just like make-up and beauty care. Most beauty products for eyes, from creams to under-eye serums, have been designed keeping the fair sex in mind. The notion that men would be interested in the beauty of eyes has long been frowned upon despite the male grooming sector having benefited from increased awareness of personal cleanliness, the emergence of gender-fluid marketing and celebrity impact.

Indian male grooming market stood at USD 643 million in 2018 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 11 percent to cross USD 1.2 billion by 2024. Male grooming is here to stay, according to a study. Many skincare brands have started to cater to men with products that hydrate, moisturise, nourish and exfoliate their skin. But that’s not all. More emphasis is being placed on consumer-focused communication, in which firms are creating gender-neutral and inclusive products. Similarly, several companies are changing their package colours from gender-specific to more neutral hues.

Women have been the focus of beauty industry for long

India’s USD 11 billion beauty industry has always largely focused on women, as in most countries around the world. This industry also includes the eye beauty segment that has always used female models to pitch their products. However, some eye beauty brands have taken up the gender-inclusive approach now and are coming up with gender-neutral products. For instance, some brands have incorporated advanced technology like nanotechnology to produce under-eye gel serums and these products have shown impressive results. These products do not just offer a ‘cosmetic job’ but effectively deal with the underlying cause of dark eye circles or puffy eyes.

The best thing is that these eye beauty products can be used by women as well as men who wish to take care of their looks in subtle ways while avoiding expensive beauty products that may have side effects in the long run. Some other brands are offering not just eye beauty products but essential eye supplements and aloe vera lotions or gels as well, taking a holistic approach towards ‘gender inclusive’ or ‘gender neutral’ eye beauty.

Social media playing a massive role in spreading awareness

Some social media influencers have recently questioned this stereotyping surrounding male beauty and endorsed that eye beauty or skincare is equally important for men and women. An Indian influencer was also among them who revived millions of views on his short reels on how to correct and conceal under- eye circles. His focus was only on normalizing male desire to look good and take care of themselves, but the message was deep.

Other influencers have also tried to utilize the power of social media and send a positive message across the internet — men taking care of themselves should not be seen as any kind of weakness.

Need to create more awareness of eye beauty for both genders

Everyone knows that dark circles and puffy eyes are not exclusive to one gender — both men and women get affected by these conditions. However, eye beauty products targeted at getting rid of dark circles or eye bags have been associated with enhancing beauty or looks. This is where this attitude needs to be changed — if dark circles do not look good on a woman, a man will not look handsome with them as well. Irrespective of gender, these conditions will make a human being look unhealthy, sick or old.



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