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Brazilian surf journalist explains why Latin surf fans have turned to “gruesome” death threats and promises of swift retribution on sands of Saquarema following Filipe Toledo’s loss in El Salvador, “How many of those scary, hateful ultimatums were deliver – BeachGrit

“Why the quickness of Brazilian surf fans to go nuclear? ‘Cause they can! It feels so good!”

Got a message on Twitter last night.

“Julio, want to write a story for BeachGrit explaining why Brazilian surf fans are so, mmmmm, passionate I guess you could call it. (derisory pay rates.)”

Why do Brasileiros curse and threaten?

Born and raised in sunny Rio de Janeiro, I’ve been cursing since I could talk and being a Flamengo supporter, you learn to say many wonderful profanities to the referee’s mother at any given chance.

Like Italians, we used our hands a lot too when cursing, it makes our threats even more effective.

Not sure about it, but my guess is the first words you learn in any language are those bad words.

We believe you can’t really trust someone who don’t curse, nor the ones who don’t drink.

So, why do we go nuts on social?

Maybe because we like to mimic all the little things y’ all do in the message boards.

You have such a way with words, and they sound great when translated – both ways!

Yeah, of course, those scary, hateful threats are unacceptable. But how many of those ultimatums were delivered?


Most likely, one of those keyboard warriors would buy you a beer not glass you.

And we do the same thing with our own, just ask Caio Ibelli. Kid gets swamped in hate.

If you ever get a chance to attend a football game in a stadium or to watch it a bar in one of our cities, you’ll see just how fired up we get.

And, shock, we’re a reflection of the polarisation not surfing.

BeachGrit versus Jonah Hill, ISA vs WSL, Brazil vs the Judges and so on.

Love is out, hate is what it’s about.

Not as much as in the US, Charlton Heston gun blazing in schools hate, but there’s a lot of repressed anger.

Don’t call us passionate, however, it’s an energy.

Why the quickness of Brazilian surf fans to go nuclear? ‘Cause they can!

Fire up! Death threats! Mutilate! Castration!

Just one click away, and, god, it’s so easy and feels so good…

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