Bausch + Lomb Corporation, a global human eye health company, has expanded its line by launching Project Watson healthcare products for dogs in  the United States. These products are specifically formulated to help promote dogs’ eyes, ears, and overall well-being utilizing high-quality, naturally inspired ingredients.

“For nearly two centuries, Bausch + Lomb has been associated with many of the most significant advances in eyes health. Building on our eye care expertise and history in surgical solutions with regard to veterinarians, we created Task Watson to help address the unmet health care needs associated with dogs, ” stated  Joe Gordon, president, global consumer, surgical and vision care, Bausch + Lomb, in a company release. 1

“Developed inside collaboration with veterinarians, Project Watson focuses on dogs’ eyes and ear – important areas that are often overlooked in the particular health of our beloved four-legged family members. Project  Watson  products will begin rolling out online in certain retailers beginning next month, ” he added.

The line associated with Project Watson products features 1 :

  • Project  Watson  vision wash regarding dogs   — a gentle, pH-balanced multi-purpose solution formulated to help cleanse irritants plus debris from dogs’ eye
  • Project  Watson  eyelid wipes intended for dogs  –  gentle, pH-balanced, pre-moistened textured wipes with micellar technology that cleanses and hydrates around the eyes to assist remove excess buildup
  • Project  Watson  ear wash for canines   – a gentle, pH-balanced cleansing solution formulated in order to help support cleaning plus care to help keep ears healthy
  • Project  Watson  ear wipes to get dogs   : gentle, pH-balanced pre-moistened textured wipes developed to help support hearing cleaning and care
  • Project  Watson  eye health supplement pertaining to dogs   + tear stain support  – a daily chewable supplement with 7 active ingredients to help promote eye health and help reduce tear stains in dogs, from the inside out
  • Project  Watson  eye + multi-health supplement   – the daily chewable formulated along with 9 ingredients to assist support essential areas of dog health: eye, joints, skin, heart, plus immune system

“Grooming treatment for dogs often includes nail trims and haircuts, but regular eye and ear maintenance is also necessary. Without regular attention and ear canal cleaning, there is the potential for pores and skin irritation plus infections among other issues, ” said  Danielle Rutherford, VMD, Westside Veterinary Center,   New York, in the release. “I look forward to having access to this new dedicated line of products meant for dogs and their pet owners. ”

Project  Watson  products are manufactured and packaged in recyclable containers at US Food and Drug Administration-registered facilities in  the particular United States  using US and imported ingredients. The eye wash plus 2 supplements will be available online starting in  November 2022  at  Chewy, Walmart, PetSmart, and Amazon. The rest of the 3 products will be available by the end of 2022.


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