WASHINGTON–( )–Today, the particular nationally recognized law firm of Baron & Budd announced a $22 million settlement in a lawsuit filed against Essilor Laboratories of America, for violations of the False Claims Act, alleging the company provided kickbacks and other incentives to eye care providers (ECPs) in exchange for pushing its expensive lens products on consumers. Some of the most common ECPs and retailers that utilize Essilor products include Visionworks, Vision Source, LensCrafters, Pearl Eyesight, Sunglass Hut, and many others.

According to the particular complaint, Essilor provided ECPs and others with cash, gift cards, retirement plan matching, free or discounted services, interest free financing, lavish entertainment, plus other things of value for the purpose associated with illegally inducing and/or rewarding those providers to purchase eyeglass lenses, lens coatings and lab solutions primarily or even exclusively from Essilor-owned labs, including spectacle lenses for beneficiaries of various Government Healthcare Programs, all in return for or in order to induce purchasing or ordering of goods or items with regard to which payment was made by Government Healthcare Programs, in violation associated with federal plus state Anti-Kickback Statutes.

Under the Anti-Kickback Statute, manufacturers of medical items, such as prescription eyeglass lenses and coatings, may not offer or pay cash or even other items of value, directly or indirectly, to induce healthcare professionals or others to order or recommend products that may be paid regarding by a Federal healthcare program.

The lawsuit was brought under the Fake Claims Act by a whistleblower who is a former employee of Essilor Laboratories associated with America. The False Claims Act makes it unlawful for any person to present (or cause to be presented) false claims to the particular Government. In this case, the whistleblower alleged that will Essilor caused the ECPs to present claims intended for payment to Government Health care Programs (i. e., Medicare and Medicaid), where the claims were fake or fraudulent because Essilor illegally induced the ECPs to use Essilor lenses, zoom lens coatings, plus lab providers.

This case exemplifies the successful prosecution of fraud through the public/private partnership between whistleblowers and the Department of Justice. Whistleblowing insiders are the vital asset in the identification and criminal prosecution of these scams cases.

“Billions of taxpayer dollars are paid in order to fund Authorities healthcare programs like Medicare health insurance and Medicaid. These deceptive schemes perpetuated by Essilor waste valuable taxpayer dollars, ” said Baron & Budd Shareholder Scott Simmer . “This case alleged that eye care providers were given a shopping list of rebates along with other bribes to induce their loyalty plus prescribe Essilor products over cheaper alternatives. Device makers like Essilor need in order to be held accountable to get these explicit violations associated with the False Claims Take action. ”

Baron & Budd worked collaboratively with the particular attorneys at the Weiser Law Firm who were also representing whistleblowers in this case. Information provided by the whistleblowers is what uncovered the fraudulent scheme and resulted within the arrangement with Essilor. The whistleblower attorneys in Baron & Budd furthermore brought a similar situation against Essilor last year alleging infractions from the California Insurance Fraud Protection Take action in which the Ca Department of Insurance has intervened. The particular allegations in that lawsuit claim that Essilor drove up the cost of benefits paid pertaining to by California eyecare insurers and their own insureds by bribing ECPs to prescribe more expensive lenses, lens coatings, and to use Essilor lab services.

With more than 30 years associated with experience in Qui Tam cases, the particular attorneys on Baron & Budd’s whistleblower representation team have represented some numerous clients inside government fraud cases returning over $6. 0 billion to federal and state taxpayers, along with whistleblower recovery shares because high since 49%.

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