AUO A. L. T. powered Acer plus BenQ displays receive world’s first TECHNISCHER ÜBERWACHUNGSVEREIN reflection free certification.

AUO Corporation today (10/31) announced that its range of shows based on its proprietary Advanced Reflectionless Technology (A. R. T. ) has obtained the world’s first “Reflection Free” certification from TÜV Rheinland, ensuring that AUO displays maintain their clarity and readability in bright environments. This announcement means that international brands, such as Acer and BenQ, who use AUO A. Ur. T. in their desktop display products can now achieve outstanding anti-glare plus anti-reflection performance, and obtain TÜV Rheinland certification, helping consumers to select the right eye-care products based upon their usage environment and habits.

In the past few years, the particular sharp rise in remote work plus distance learning has led to an increase in average screen time, making screen performance and comfort all the more critical. AUO A. R. T. delivers realistic, crystal clear visuals and a comfortable, eye-care display interface under different ambient lighting conditions thanks to its unique surface coating and anti-glare properties. As a result, it became the 1st recipient of the reflection-free certification from TÜV Rheinland. The validation was based on numerous strict worldwide regulations, including screen surface treatment, glare and reflection testing, plus most importantly, Ambient Contrast Ratio (ACR), which refers to the display’s image quality and color contrast under bright light, representing the particular LCD overall performance under various ambient gentle sources. Test results indicated that AUO’s A. L. T. maintained an ACR of more than 30: 1 in bright environments, and achieved an extraordinary diffuse reflection rate. Acer and BenQ desktop displays incorporating AUO’s A. R. To. completed corresponding tests against the same standards. Double certification of the panels plus final items provides consumers with a more eye-caring option.

James Chen, Senior Vice President of AUO’s Display Strategy Business Group, said, “AUO’s A. Ur. T. offers received positive customer feedback since its debut at the SID Display Week 2019 within the U. S. In response to the increasing usage of consumer displays, AUO refined its technology and obtained TÜV Rheinland’s accreditation for desktop monitors, televisions, and displays associated with all sizes. Additionally, through collaboration with Acer plus BenQ, we introduce certified products that will comply along with international safety standards, providing consumers with displays that bring sharper, brighter yet still eye-caring visual experiences over extended periods. ”

Jennifer Wang, Managing Director of TECHNISCHER ÜBERWACHUNGSVEREIN Rheinland Taiwan, stated, “Reflections from ambient light make screens difficult for users to read. We developed the first reflection-free certification in the market to test how ambient lighting reflects off the screen. The accreditation ensures a clear reading experience whether the user is in the office or in a bright coffee shop, catering to work and leisure. In the particular future, we will continue in order to work with AUO to promote eye-care terminal products. inch

AUO showcased its range of eye-care products based on the four key features of The. R. Capital t., which include high contrast within bright conditions, eye comfort, high colour saturation, and energy efficiency. Increased saturation and energy efficiency are achieved via the technologies with no further adjustments to light intensity, eliminating interference plus fatigue caused by bright glare and reflections.

AUO will be devoted to promoting the A. R. T. items so that customers can comfortably use shows without the stress of background light in the office, at school, or at home, with regard to applications through gaming and entertainment, in order to graphic design. AUO products that have received the particular TÜV Rheinland reflection-free qualification include 27″, 32″, plus 65″ screens and TV panels, and their initial introduction into the consumer market can be seen in items such as the Acer’s Predator XB323K RV 32″ 4K gaming monitor and the BenQ SW321C 4K photographer monitor. These are the very first wave of products to receive reflection-free certification; future products associated with other brands and applications will soon be announced.

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