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At this point, there are myriad ways to be on one’s best Kardashian behavior: with jeans , tequila , makeup , plus shapewear . Still, among the many product lines the family have produced, the latest confection by Kim Kardashian , a skin-care line called Skkn by Betty , might be the most stimulating yet. With the stamp of approval from Kardashian’s aesthetician Joanna Czech , the nine- ish -step skin-care routine has made headlines for its price tag. But how does it hold up against the many-a-celebrity beauty brand already promising Hollywood-level results?

In a recent New York Times interview, Kardashian said that she’d “try anything” when it came to preserving her appearance. And while that’s entirely relatable, it’s also not — especially for anyone with a budget and limited shelf space. The ritualistic collection, which retails for $673 altogether, is less likely to fit in your vanity as it is in order to fit within your suitcase (both the cleanser and toner exceed 3. 4 fl oz). Yet after personally testing the entire range for more than a week, I can say it lives up to be able to the hype in more ways than one.

For starters, there is little for you to no smell throughout the line (only the exfoliator boasts a floral scent) — which as a skin-care savant I can appreciate, considering the possible irritations it can cause on any skin type . And apart from the prices, there is certainly something about a nine-step skin-care routine that reinforces the fact that self-care takes time.

Despite its prehistoric appearance — its resemblance to Kardashian’s minimalistic home is uncanny — there is some color (the facial cleanser has the light-pink tint to it) and several top-shelf level ingredients that pack legitimate benefits. All of the greats are there: squalane, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, niacinamide, glycolic and lactic acid, and more, with a few tingling sensations from product to item. Plus, for a douse associated with sustainability, Skkn offers refills of each item at a discounted price.

Though the line might boast price tags that seem a bit high compared to the rest of the particular family’s commodities, it’s actually pretty on par with the rest of typically the skin-care market. And for anybody curious to help try at least one of this nine items, there is certainly elegance to behold when it comes to every product. Keep reading with regard to what you need to know about each step and how you, too, can achieve the glow of a lifetime.

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