The skin under your eyes is far more delicate and thin than the rest of your face. So it’s not surprising if you often struggle with under eye skincare issues. In fact , it’s completely normal.   Our under-eye has less oil glands plus collagen, making it difficult to stay hydrated and plump like the rest of your face.

You need to give special attention and care to your under-eye. Knowing this, we’ve curated a guide on every possible thing a person need in order to know about under-eye skin care from tips, ingredients to use for dark circles, puffy eyes to best under-eye skincare products to use.

Top below eye skin care suggestions

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  • The thin under-eye pores and skin has higher transepidermal water loss, contributing to its increased dryness factor. Hence, always keep that area moisturised to keep it soft and smooth. This also helps in order to strengthen the skin barrier and minimise irritation.
  • Always apply sunscreen around the particular eyes plus wear sunglasses when outside. The UV exposure causes pigmentation and collagen breakdown, resulting in fine lines plus wrinkles.
  • Sometimes under eye skincare issues arise due to lack of sleep. In that case, ensure you get better sleep and apply hyaluronic acid.
  • Look for eye creams that have actives like retinol. They’ve less concentration associated with retinol and are infused with emollient base, as opposed to  facial creams with retinol.

How to treat specific under vision skincare problems and ingredients to utilize

Dark circles/pigmentation – For hyperpigmentation and discoloration, opt for vitamin C in order to brighten up the eye region . Other ingredients to make use of for this concern are niacinamide and vitamin K.

Puffiness –  Choose for items with caffeine to help constrict blood vessels, which in return, will reduce puffiness. Also, treat yourself with a massage to improve blood circulation.

Wrinkles plus fine lines –  For this particular concern, early prevention and a good skincare routine are the particular best treatment. If you already have these signs of ageing around eyes, look for smoothening peptides plus anti-ageing hero retinol in your under-eye products.

Vision creams, Gels, and Mask: Which one’s better?

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The particular under attention skincare range usually comes in three categories- creams, gels, and masks. Now that will you know how to treat your under eye issues, you’ve to figure out which type of product will work best for your skin.

Under-eye masks or patches are like sheet face masks, meaning they’re great to use for an instant refreshment and a dose of hydration once or twice the week. However , creams and gels are usually for daily use. Creams are ideal if a person often suffer from slim and dry under-eye area, while gel or serum are with regard to oily acne prone epidermis.  

Best under-eye skincare products

1 . Moisture Surge™ Eye 96-Hour Hydro-Filler Concentrate, INR 2950

Best under-eye skincare products Credit: Nykaa

This ultralight water-gel formula will infuse your delicate under-eyes along with intense hydration to fat and lighten up the skin. And the greatest thing about this product will be it can be used as a standalone, under makeup and also as an eye mask.

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2. Dot & Key Retinol + Caffeine Eye Cream Concentrate, INR 795

Best under-eye skincare products Credit: Dot & Key

Packed with antioxidants like  coffee and anti-ageing retinol, this eye cream will decrease the appearance of good lines plus wrinkles and minimise inflammation.

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3.   The Moms Co Natural Vita Rich Under Attention Cream, INR 474

Best under-eye skincare products Credit: The Mom’s Co

The steel roll-on applicator is perfect to give your self a gentle massage while the cocktail of soothing chamomile oil, moisture-restoring niacinamide plus antioxidant-rich chia seed essential oil does wonders for your own under-eye region.

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4. Re’equil Under Eyesight Cream regarding Dark Circles, Wrinkles, Puffy Eyes, INR 550

Re’equil Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles, Wrinkles, Puffy Eyes, INR 550 Credit: Re’equil

The benefits of repairing dark circles, minimising crow’s feet and lessening puffiness are injected in this eyesight cream tube from Re’equil. The perfect solution for all your concerns.

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