Unpopular opinions incoming

If you’re considered the ‘beauty person’ in your friend group, you’ll be well acquainted with the question, “is [insert popular product here] actually good? ”. Blame it on TikTok, clever marketing, or both, but a lot of us have become skeptics when it comes to viral beauty products .

And while it’s the literal job of the BEAUTYcrew editors to test and recommend the best the beauty shelves have to offer (FYI, here’s our top mascara and drugstore concealer picks), even we get sucked into the hype sometimes. Especially if the packaging is pretty to look at.

But we’ve taken a step back, put on our own honesty hats, and here you’ll find the unpopular views about some very well-liked products. Just remember, beauty is subjective (so don’t shoot the particular messenger).

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