Living with a chronic condition can be challenging, and managing it while in the public eye can be even more so. Still, many celebrities choose to speak out about their health experiences to raise awareness of conditions that are personal to them — including vitiligo .

Vitiligo is an autoimmune skin condition that causes patches of skin to lose pigment, according to  MedlinePlus . Vitiligo may appear at any age, but the average onset of symptoms is during your mid-twenties, and color loss generally progresses with time.

“Vitiligo can make you feel helpless, which will be one of its most unsettling aspects, ” says  Alpana Mohta, MD , a board-certified dermatologist based in Jaipur, India, and medical advisor for  BetterGoods. org . “The first thing you can do is regain control of your knowledge. The more you study about vitiligo, the more equipped a person will feel to deal with it. ”

Yet the impact associated with vitiligo may extend beyond physical symptoms. As the  National Institute of Arthritis plus Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) points out, people experiencing vitiligo may also develop low self-esteem that can impact their quality associated with life. “This condition does not differentiate between creed, boundaries, or ethnicity, and given the inherent visibility of this skin disorder, self-esteem is often compromised, ” says Sanober Pezad, MD , the board-certified specialist in integrative and holistic dermatology who’s based in Dallas.

But these days, awareness around vitiligo is usually increasing plus stigma is lessening — perhaps in part because of public figures who talk out about having vitiligo themselves.

“Celebrity testimonials highlighting the noncommunicable nature associated with vitiligo and the psychosocial impact it has on the particular individual will greatly help in fighting against the possible stigmas that vitiligo is associated with, ” says Dr . Pezad.

Read on to learn about seven celebrities living with vitiligo, and their own experiences plus advocacy around this skin situation.

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