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The cup industry is among the particular most overlooked industries within the market, as many customers who habitually and repeatedly purchase glass products do not realize the extent of their reliance on them. Despite this, the glass business has steadily been on the rise across the particular globe over the last two decades in terms of the usage of high-performance glasses. As a result, key players in the glass market such as Saint Gobain Company (EPA: SGO), PPG Industries, Inc. (NYSE: PPG ), and Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW ), among others, have been profiting. Geographically, the particular Asia-Pacific continues to be the largest market for glass and glass products. In 2021, this region alone accounted for 20. 3% of the global marketplace revenue share in the glass sector.

According to the report published by the National Glass Association this January, while US economic recovery continues, cup manufacturers possess begun pushing for improved efficiency plus better performance to meet rising demand. The report mentions that there is a fair likelihood of demand with regard to glass items remaining high throughout 2022. Stephen Weidner, the head of Architectural Glass North America, was cited as commenting that the glass market is continuing to grow at a rate associated with 3% per year. The particular glass market has also started making headway into solar products with the rise of “green” glass products used in the production of solar panels regarding the increased use associated with green energy and electricity.

Apart from just being used in conventional sectors such as electronics, green power, and more, glass items also have much to contribute to the particular automotive field. Companies like Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA ), General Motors Organization (NYSE: GM ), and Ferrari N. V. (NYSE: RACE ) in this particular sector all rely on glass companies intended for the provision of automotive glass plus coatings used in the manufacture of vehicles. Glass demand in this sector will be also expected to stabilize throughout 2022, ensuring a vital customer base remains from which the glass sector can continue to benefit for years to come.

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Our Methodology:

For our list below, we have selected cup manufacturers that are among the particular largest within the globe, based on their market cap. The companies are ranked on the basis of the lowest to the highest market cover.

Biggest Glass Companies On the planet

12. Guardian Industries Business

Number associated with Hedge Fund Holders: N/A

Market Cap as of November 3: N/A

Guardian Sectors Company, based in Michigan, US, is among the largest glass companies in the world today. It manufactures float cup, glassware, fiberglass insulation, and other forms of building materials for commercial and residential construction. The company’s products and services are also used in the auto industry.

The company is a fortune 500 worldwide leader within the glass industry. The company’s annual revenue since 2022 was $4. 3 billion, and it employs around 18, 000 employees. At this moment, Protector Industries Firm supplies glass products in order to about 160 countries upon five continents.

11. Beijing Glass Group

Number of Hedge Fund Holders: N/A

Market Cap because of Nov 3: N/A

Beijing Cup Group, based in Beijing, was founded in 1940. The company is a manufacturer of industrial and technical cup, alongside eyeglasses, quarts, plus silicon components.

Beijing Glass Group is usually also known for its production of photovoltaic cell modules used in the availability associated with solar power panels. The particular company furthermore produces high-grade fused refractories, eyewear, and eye-care products.

10. Pilkington Glass Corporation (FRA: FDD)

Number of Hedge Account Holders: N/A

Market Cover as of November 3: $50, 040, 000

Pilkington Cup Company (FRA: FDD) has been the subsidiary associated with Nippon Sheet Glass since 2006, and is located in Lancashire, United Kingdom. The company has become the world’s leading producer and distributor of tempered automotive, aerospace, and building glass. Since the carrier’s sales have been significantly higher since its inception, it is considered on its own as one of the particular biggest glass companies within the planet.

The company had a peak revenue of $593. 4 million in 2021, and its revenue on average is $593. four million annually. Pilkington Glass Company (FRA: FDD) focuses on the production of photo voltaic control, insulation, fire protection, noise control, self-cleaning, decoration, and other glass systems.

Stocks like Tesla, Incorporation. (NASDAQ: TSLA), General Motors Company (NYSE: GM), plus Ferrari And. V. (NYSE: RACE) within the automotive industry benefit through the existence of businesses such since Pilkington Cup Company (FRA: FDD) that provide specialized products for the production associated with automobiles.

9. China Glass Holdings Company (HKG: 3300)

Number of Hedge Finance Holders: N/A

Market Cap since Nov 3: $1, 250, 500, 000

China Glass Holdings Company (HKG: 3300) is definitely a manufacturer of flat and coated glass. The company was established in 2004. It was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange within 2005.

The company’s main items include float glass, reflective glass, energy-saving glass, pv products, deep processing cup, and a lot more. China Cup Holdings Organization (HKG: 3300) exports the specialized products to over 100 countries and regions, to get use in landmark buildings on a national and international level.

The far east Glass Holdings Company (HKG: 3300) can be also a dividend-payer, holding a yield of 7. 35% as of November 3. It offers a forward P/E ratio of a few. 78.

8. Vitro Glass (BMV: VITROA)

Quantity of Hedge Fund Cases: N/A

Marketplace Cap as of November 3: $8, 820, 1000, 000

Vitro Glass (BMV: VITROA) started in 1909 in Monterrey Mexico and is currently one of the largest glass companies in the world. The company owns subsidiaries in the Americas, Europe, plus Asia, that will also produce, process, distribute, and marketplace glass items. It operates through these subsidiaries, numbering over 30 companies, dependent in Mexico, the ALL OF US, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama.

Vitro Cup (BMV: VITROA) is the specialized organization in five areas: cup containers, construction glass, automotive glass, and mechanical equipment and chemicals. While it began its journey as a glass container factory, the company provides since made strategic acquisitions in Bolivia and the US to expand its business areas.

The company has annual revenues of $1. 77 billion dollars. It utilizes about 15, 000 people across the particular globe at present.

7. St Gobain Business (EPA: SGO)

Number associated with Hedge Fund Holders: N/A

Market Cover since Nov 3: $20, 730, 000, 000

St . Gobain Firm (EPA: SGO) is the oldest company on this listing, originally founded in 1665 and currently based within Paris, France. Saint Gobain is now a Fortune Global 500 business and primarily focuses upon glass manufacturing, ceramic plastic, gypsum creating materials, plus other high-tech materials. It offers products to the automotive, home and office, and health and industrial sectors.

The company was originally a mirror manufacturer but is certainly now among the top 10 glass companies on the planet. It has successfully been raking in over $40 billion a year, making it the leader within the glass production sector.

Saint Gobain Corporation (EPA: SGO) has a P/E percentage of seven. 15, and employed more than 167, 500 people in 2021. This had a net profit margin of 6. 77% within June 2922, demonstrating the growth of 15. 33% year-over-year compared to the same period in 2021.

6. PPG Industries, Inc. (NYSE: PPG )

Amount of Hedge Account Holders: 22

Market Cap as associated with November three or more: $25, 870, 000, 1000

PPG Industrial sectors, Inc. (NYSE: PPG) is a provider of auto coatings plus flat glass, based in the US. The particular company also manufactures and distributes paints and specialty materials across the globe.

A Buy rating has been reiterated on PPG Industries, Inc. (NYSE: PPG) shares on October 21 by analyst David Begleiter in Deutsche Bank. The analyst also placed a $128 price target on the stock.

PPG Industries, Incorporation. (NYSE: PPG) has become the tour’s largest maker of coatings after its purchase of select Akzo Nobel assets. You can actually significant global footprint in over 75 countries and expanded consumer foundation helped it generate $16. 8 billion dollars in total sales in 2021. In the second quarter associated with 2022, PPG Industries, Inc. (NYSE: PPG) had record sales of $4. 7 billion, demonstrating a growth associated with 8% year-over-year from the prior year.

Bailard Incorporation was the biggest stakeholder within PPG Sectors, Inc. (NYSE: PPG) in the 2nd quarter, keeping 9, 271 shares worth $1. 02 million. In total, 22 hedge funds were long the particular stock, with a total stake value of $240. 2 million.

ClearBridge Investments , an investment management firm, mentioned PPG Industrial sectors, Inc. (NYSE: PPG) in its first-quarter 2022 investor letter. Here’s what the firm said:

“”While commodities-exposed areas associated with the materials sector this kind of as mining and steel fared well in the quarter, we tend to have less direct exposure to commodities across our portfolio. Holdings like paint and coating company  PPG Industries   (NYSE: PPG) that use natural gas plus oil related products because feedstock into their products  faced sharp input cost escalation, driving meaningful perimeter compression, which was not well-received by investors. While negative in the particular short term, we remain confident that the firm will be able to adjust pricing accordingly and recover margins over the medium term. ”

Like Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA), Common Motors Company (NYSE: GM), and Ferrari N. V. (NYSE: RACE), PPG Sectors, Inc. (NYSE: PPG) will be among the stocks many hedge funds are piling into today.

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