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10 tips to brighten and lift the under eye area – VOGUE India

The question the Vogue beauty team gets asked most often? Nine times out of 10, it’s how to deal with the under eye area. Whether dark circles, puffiness or sagging, we are all on a quest for the brightest eyes we can get. If you’re in need of a little assistance, refer to the experts assembled here; they share their ultimate tips to try now, from simple DIY methods to in-clinic tweakments.

1. Try a nude pencil

Make-up artist Lynsey Alexander has transformed many a tired eye in her time, having worked with models backstage at fashion shows and on shoots for years. She always begins with good eye drops. “I then use a beige pencil secretly inside the eyes – it needs to be a skin-toned colour, white is too stark,” she says. “My favourite is from Paris Berlin as it’s quite dry and not overly creamy, something you don’t want as it moves too easily.”

MAC Studio Chromagraphic Pencil

Trish McEvoy Eye Brightener Pencil

2. Tear trough filler

“Dark circles are a common complaint in my office,” says aesthetic doctor, Dr Maryam Zamani. “One of the most common reasons for dark circles is loss of volume in the periorbital area. As we age, the eyelid-cheek junction becomes elongated, and where this junction was once confluent in youth, it becomes demarcated, giving the appearance of dark lower eyelids or tear troughs.” It’s a common problem that can begin from as early as your twenties, and is made worse as collagen stores deplete. Dr Zamani often treats it with “meticulously placed micro-droplets of hyaluronic acid” to restore the lost volume and hydrate. You will see brighter, more awake eyes immediately.

3. Use targeted skincare

The new wave of eye creams are more effective than ever before, and come loaded with efficacious active ingredients to illuminate the area and soften fine lines, while maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier. “Tretinoin has the best evidence behind it – with continued use (for about a year), you see increased cell turnover; cue brightening of the skin and a reduction in wrinkles,” explains dermatologist Dr Emma Craythorne. “Azelaic acid is also brilliant at brightening, if used in strength at 5 per cent.”

If your issue is puffiness, take care to ensure you opt for a detoxifying eye cream instead of a hydrating formula – according to Dr Zamani, hydrating eye creams (particularly those with hyaluronic acid) may exacerbate it.

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