Milan. A modern city that oozes innovation, the Italian capital of fashion and design, plus, home of the Italian Stock Exchange. It’s a city that will welcomes and embraces new trends, nurturing and fostering fresh innovations and ideas.  

It is the Italian city where culture brings more wealth plus work , in fact, it is also an important university centre with internationally recognized institutes (Bocconi, IULM, Cattolica, Politecnico) and this does nothing but advocate Milan as Italy’s major startup hub. Reflecting this, it’s got the most coworking spaces in Italy and is nestled in the heartland of Italy’s industrial region – synonymous with heritage and hustle.  

In 2016 the Financial Times elected Milan as the particular Italian capital of startups and in recent years the city has also been able to capitalize on the experience associated with Expo 2015, which has successfully propelled Milan’s startup ecosystem to the world stage. Prestigious multinationals have also chosen Milan as their Italian homes, with hubs for the likes of  Microsoft, IBM, Google, Deloitte, Adecco and Gartner all found in the particular city.  

Milan welcomes plenty of healthy investment – it has closed the first half of 2022 with a total of €957 million invested – a lot more than double that seen in the 1st 1 / 2 of 2021, showing growth of over 123%! Just last week we saw the new Milan-based unicorn emerge as Satispay raised €320 million at a €1 billion valuation.  

So, needless to say, Milan’s online companies deserve some time in the spotlight. Here are 10 startups we think you should keep a good eye upon in the particular future. They are all startups born from 2019 onwards that have realized an innovative idea in the effervescent Milan.

Scalapay : Founded in 2019, Scalapay is a fast-growing new venture that has developed a credit payment method that allows users to purchase plus pay more than instalments without interest. The flexi-pay option increases the likelihood that the customer purchases immediately, increasing the conversion rate and the average cart amount. It makes online ordering more accessible and helps consumers spread out the particular cost associated with their purchases. Scapalay already raised about €727. 5 million to date – securing €40 million inside 2021 . In the world where people are increasingly looking for a lot more purse-friendly ways to pay, it seems like a bright future is ahead for this fintech firm.  

Macai : Founded in 2021, Macai offers thousands of high-quality products delivered to your doorstep in a matter of minutes. Started by Giovanni Cavallo, serial entrepreneur with a deep background in food delivery, it is the first Italian language player within the q-commerce space. The start-up now operates in several Italian cities, defining itself as a full grocer within the q-commerce space, the second-generation player offering up to 7, 500 SKUs. The particular team selects products from new producers from all over Italy, to enable consumers to discover new flavours and empower small business owners. It does also offer the products of the big brands. Macai has raised about €3 million so far – putting €2. 6 million in the bag last year to launch.

Babaco Marke t : Green-food-tech startup company founded in 2020, Babaco Market is a subscription with which you receive out-of-the-ordinary fruit and vegetables at home. Products that do not exceed at beauty contests tend to be thrown out plus tossed aside – which is a tremendous waste. Babaco is taking on this waste materials and instead, offers these less-pretty but still worthy vegetables and fruits to be conveniently delivered- bringing meals goodness for planet good. The team carefully chooses Italian suppliers to partner with, favouring those with a passion for protecting sustainable cultivation. Babaco Market has picked up €2. 4 million.

Jobtech: Jobtech is an agency with regard to fully digital work founded in 2020, it will be the first and only in Italia, designed around the relationship between worker and company. Jobtech works through 3 main Human Resources service lines: Research plus Selection, Personnel Administration, Internship Activation and Internships. Jobtech is furthermore capable to offer you specialized plus customized services of Training and Outsourcing of HR Functions. Jobtech stands out through the competition thanks in order to proprietary technology that guarantees a high standard of quality and a maximum speed associated with service in a very competitive cost. Jobtech is also active inside the creation of specific talent pools through a growing portfolio of vertical portals specialized in different sectors. This Milan-based international has now raised €1. 8 million.

Vedrai: Created in 2020, Vedrai is usually a Virtual Agent Development Company that, thanks to artificial intelligence models, allows users in order to simulate the impact of decisions upon business results before they are taken. Vedrai was created to help entrepreneurs make more informed decisions, making those sleepless nights exactly where people couldn’t decide the particular best decision for their company the thing from the past. Their team associated with over 80 people, made up of data experts, IT specialists, business analysts and market analysts, helps in providing you with the support needed, to create better choices and regain control of your own time. Vedrai has elevated about €45 million.  

Serenis Health: This mental-health startup was founded in 2021 to offer psychotherapy, coaching and psychological support via video call. They believe that the internet can be a valuable tool in democratising access to mental health support. At the same time, they want to ensure that it’s high quality care that is being provided online. So , the beginning harnesses the power of the particular two together using data and electronic tools to improve the effectiveness of therapies. Unlike other platforms, they are also a medical centre: it means that they are accountable for the quality of the care and that will they must respect the same standards of any clinic.   Every patient can count on them from the beginning towards the end of the journey, as well as the same goes for every therapist.

Cosmic : Cosmic will be a tech startup that provides creators having a space to produce short videos and post them upon TikTok and Instagram, it was founded in 2021. Crossing the universe of media advertising in order to conquer short-form content planets with the special focus on TikTok. Thanks to a super powerful team associated with creative ‘astronauts’ who use technology plus navigate creative trends, the startup offers modern viral hype solutions to their own brand partners. They are usually a team of professionals who have been working in the particular digital sector for more than 15 years, working in contact with and supporting Generation Z, an integral part of their group. They love new methods of communicating: studying them, knowing all of them, understanding them, and knowing how to apply them according to the brands’ objectives.

Lampoo: Launched in 2019, Lampoo is definitely a startup that tries to give a future in order to fashion. Lampoo platform provides its customers along with a new way to shop responsibly by choosing quality second-hand luxury pieces over new ones, helping to build a more sustainable future for fashion by extending the life cycle associated with every product they sell.   The platform enables users to sell pre-loved items quickly and easily, plus an on the internet marketplace where users may shop the particular highest high quality authenticated luxurious fashion and accessories from fair prices. Lampoo brings to existence the thrill of second-hand luxury through an experience that has never been so fast, easy and rewarding. Lampo offers raised €8. 3 mil.  

Up2You : Founded inside 2020, this startup helps companies reduce and compensate their emissions and to communicate their engagement to their stakeholders. They are an innovative B Corp certified company that promotes sustainable development simply by helping people and companies reduce their particular environmental impact and zero CO exhausts. The goal is to encourage lasting actions by creating a business model regarding companies that has a zero impact on the environment. They do that will by providing their customers with products designed specifically in order to make their own business a lot more sustainable. In addition , they are the just company in Europe that, in addition to being authorized to manage VERRA and Gold Standard licensed Carbon Credits, does so using the Blockchain. This is with the aim of ensuring ever more transparency, security plus reliability. Up2You has up to now raised €200k.  

Mirta : Founded within 2019, Mirta is the particular digital showroom that connects contemporary brands with independent curators – such as retail shops, on-line stores and influencers. Mirta’s mission is to revolutionize the way high-end manufacturers and retailers sell and buy wholesale.   Mirta’s marketplace allows the curators to find new brand names, choose products and buy all of them online. The particular company provides attractive benefits to customers, including no minimum order, net 60 days payment terms and free returns.   Mirta provides the advantages of B2C ecommerce to the B2B globe and also provides brands with an order management back office, Mirta Officina, which permits them to manage their orders, e. g., shipping, invoicing, custom procedures, payments entry to data plus analytics. Mirta has so far raised €5 million.  

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